Fire Safety Testing – Los Angeles

Reg 4 Test If you received a notice from the LAFD via The Compliance Engine, you know that you have to find a certified tester to conduct a Reg 4 Test on your fire safety equipment and systems. We are … Continued

The Compliance Engine – Reg 4 Testing

The Compliance Engine The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Regulation 4 Unit unveiled a new program in 2015 that will improve fire system testing compliance drastically. In the past, many properties were overlooked and testing compliance city-wide was only around 30%. … Continued

Replacing Fire Sprinkler Heads in Los Angeles

Fire Sprinkler Heads Fire Sprinkler heads can be a mystery to the untrained eye. There are many different types, models, purposes, and orientations that sprinkler heads are meant for. Fire Sprinkler Head Types Sprinkler heads come in upright, pendant, sidewall … Continued

C16 License – Fire Sprinkler Contractor

What is a C16 License and Why? If you are a property owner, business owner, insurance company or other– you may be in need of a Fire Sprinkler Contractor. That would be a C-16 License, which is recognized by the … Continued

Annual Sprinkler Test Los Angeles

Annual Sprinkler Test Whether it be a Reg 4 Test or Title 19 Test, we are fully equipped and certified to take care of your annual sprinkler tests here at Z&S Fire Equipment. You need an annual sprinkler test performed … Continued

Fire Extinguisher Service in Los Angeles

Fire Extinguisher Service Whether you have 1 fire extinguisher or one hundred, we have a team of certified fire extinguisher service technicians that are professional, timely, and trustworthy. You can either come by our office at 5850 Venice Blvd and … Continued

Fire Certification for Insurance

Fire Insurance Certification All insurance companies for your property will require your fire protection equipment and systems be up-to-date and certified per the Los Angeles Fire Department. Z&S Fire Protection does annual, semi-annual, and quarterly tests, meeting all fire insurance … Continued

What is a Reg 4 Test?

Chief’s Regulation No. 4 Reg 4 Test Per the Los Angeles Fire Department Reg 4 Website: “A prescribed method to maintain specified categories of fire protection equipment and systems in proper operating condition the way they were intended to operate when installed … Continued