Fire Extinguisher Service in Los Angeles

Fire Extinguisher Service

Whether you have 1 fire extinguisher or one hundred, we have a team of certified fire extinguisher service technicians that are professional, timely, and trustworthy. You can either come by our office at 5850 Venice Blvd and drop off/pick up by paying via Credit Card, Check, or Cash. You will receive a receipt. The other option is calling in and requesting a fire extinguisher technician on-site. There is an extra fee for service call depending on distance from our office near Venice Blvd and Fairfax Ave (Exit is Fairfax Ave off the 10 freeway).

Fire Extinguisher Laws

Every year your fire extinguisher needs to be inspected— we make sure it’s not damaged visibly, that the pin is still on the green and not in need of recharge, and that the extinguisher isn’t dated 6 years or more. If it is over 6 years from the year of manufacture of from the year of a hydro-test, the extinguisher needs to be opened up, the chemical powder replaced, and a ring is placed around the collar of the extinguisher dated.

Sometimes, when certain extinguishers such as a Kidde cannot be recharged, or if an extinguisher is quite old, it makes more sense to just buy a brand new extinguisher and avoid any complications.

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  1. FeelPlanet

    Great company. Alex is quick and efficient and very knowledgable. 2d47 He installed 1 fire extinguisher and serviced 2 others. Will use Inglewood Fire annually.

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