Reg 4 Test: Fire Doors – Automatic Closing Assemblies Certification

Reg 4 Test: Fire Doors

As a property owner or manager, you may get a notice from the fire department or your insurance company requesting that you have your fire doors inspected by a certified tester for a Regulation 4 test.



magnetically held fire door


Automatic Closing Assemblies

Once we come out to your property,we will make sure all doors close and latch properly and per NFPA code. There are several different types of doors such as horizontal sliding doors, swinging fire doors, magnetically-held fire doors, vertical rolling fire doors, classic sliding won-doors, and more. In case of a fire, any type of door you have should have the ability to close in a timely fashion and latch so that fire in one corridor cannot travel to the next without required protection.

horizontal sliding fire door


Annual Reg 4 Fire Door Test & Repair

If you have fire doors on your property in need of an annual Reg 4 Test, an annual test for insurance purposes, or because you are a responsible owner/manager, we can handle all of your needs. We are certified by the Los Angeles Fire Department and by the State of California (C10 License) to test, install, and repair automatic closing assemblies.


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