What is a Reg 4 Test?

Chief’s Regulation No. 4

reg 4 test

Reg 4 Test

Per the Los Angeles Fire Department Reg 4 Website:

“A prescribed method to maintain specified categories of fire protection equipment and systems in proper operating condition the way they were intended to operate when installed as per the code in effect at the time of installation.

Chief’s Regulation No. 4 is intended to ensure maintenance of fire protection equipment and systems at the same level of operation as originally intended to operate when installed or at the level it has achieved by required retrofit (such as the Title 19, High-rise Retrofit Program of the later 1970’s). The initial test procedure is intended to determine the operating condition of the equipment being tested. If defects are found during the initial test, repair and retest procedures are initiated by the Fire Department to restore that equipment to proper operating condition.”

Once you schedule your Reg 4 Test with us, we will contact the Fire Department and your assigned Inspector to give them 48 hours notice of a Reg 4 Test, just in case they choose to witness the testing process. We then have 7 business days to submit the findings of the exam in a report that goes to the LAFD Reg 4 Division and your assigned inspector. You then have 30 days to repair any defects or else you can receive a fine from the LAFD and be put on ‘fire watch’. After the defects are repaired, there is a ‘re-test’ which confirms no defects are found. The same process applies with the 48 notice and 7 days to turn in the report.

If you have any more questions about the Reg 4 Process, give us a call or email us at: info@znsfire.com. Like Us on Facebook.

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