Fire Prevention Testing and Repair

Since 1979, Z&S Fire Equipment has been a staple of the Los Angeles fire prevention community. The company specializes in certified testing such as Regulation 4 (Reg 4) testing of Sprinkler systems, Alarm systems, Wet Standpipe (Class II), Automatic Closing Assemblies (Fire Doors), Fire Escapes, Emergency Lighting, Fire Extinguishers, Central Station Monitoring, and more. Z&S Fire takes pride in fair pricing and completing any project correctly with regard to NFPA Fire Code. Call us at (310) 204-6403 or E-mail us if you are in need of service, testing, or repair.

Fire Sprinkler Contractor (C-16 License)

Need a licensed C-16 Contractor in Los Angeles? Only Fire Sprinkler contractors with a C-16 License, recognized by the State of California, have the authority to test, certify, inspect, and repair fire sprinklers, sprinkler pipe, and related fire sprinkler equipment. If you have any questions about the laws, don’t hesitate to call us and we will do our best to consult with the best advice possible.