Reg 4 Testing Los Angeles

Reg 4 Notice – Los Angeles

You may receive a notice in the mail that says you are due for a Reg 4 Test. There are many different types of Reg 4 Tests that you may be requested to get completed within 30 days of receiving it. Z&S Fire Equipment is licensed to take care of all of your Reg 4 Requirements and needs.



Types of Reg 4 Tests


Fire Protection is Your Best Insurance

When it comes to protecting your property, it is a bad idea to cut corners to try saving money rather than taking the proper steps in order to make your property fire-ready. Besdies the property value itself, there are the invaluable lives that you are protecting. It is your responsibility to take care of your Reg 4 Tests in Los Angeles and we are here to make the process less painful with our experience and reasonable rates.

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