Fire Certification for Insurance

Fire Insurance Certification

All insurance companies for your property will require your fire protection equipment and systems be up-to-date and certified per the Los Angeles Fire Department. Z&S Fire Protection does annual, semi-annual, and quarterly tests, meeting all fire insurance requirements. We’ve satisfied thousands of insurance cases where property owners were pinned to the wall by their insurance companies in regard to their fire protection systems not being certified. This is our job, we do this every day so you won’t be worrisome when the job is in our hands.

C16 License & Reg 4 Satisfied

Z&S Fire Equipment also works under a C16 License, meaning we can legally work and repair on any piping or construction in your building. We are also licensed by the LAFD Reg 4 Division and at times, a test scheduled for insurance can also be accepted for a Reg 4 requirement from the fire department. This is valuable information you will not find on any other fire protection website! A responsible property owner will enjoy this blog as we proceed into different issues surround fire protection systems and fire prevention requirements.


If you have any more questions about the Reg 4 Process or anything related to fire safety systems, give us a call or email us at: Like Us on Facebook.



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