City of Los Angeles Regulation No 4 Testing

Z&S Fire Equipment is certified for Regulation No. 4 testing and repairs required by the City of Los Angeles. The full list of services Z&S offers in order for clients to meet the requirements of LA City Reg. 4 testing and repairs include:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Automatic Closing Fire Protection Assemblies
  • Fire Alarm Systems including
  • Elevator Emergency Service
  • Emergency and Standby Power Systems
  • Emergency Voice Fire Alarm Signaling Systems
  • Fire Escape Assemblies
  • Fire Hydrants (Private)
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Refrigerant Discharge Systems
  • Smoke Management Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Stationary Fire Pumps
  • Supervising Station Alarm Systems

“Fire Protection is Your Best Insurance”

The most cost-effective way to keep your Fire & Life Safety Systems functioning properly is to test and inspect them at regular, required intervals. This way any problems caused by accidents, vandalism, weather, or outdated components/devices can be resolved before a real emergency takes place.

Give Z&S Fire a call today to schedule your Regulation No. 4 testing.  You can also contact us here on our secure website: