Fire Safety Expert – Motion Picture Sets – Entertainment

Movie Set Fire Device Suppression Living in Los Angeles, we live amongst countless sets for the Motion Picture industry taking place in Hollywood and beyond. It’s common for entertainment professionals to use props such simulated smoke, which can activate devices such as smoke … Continued

Central Station Testing – Los Angeles

Monitoring Services If you own or manage a property in need of Regulation 4 Central Station Monitoring, you’ve come to the right place. We test, install and repair central station monitoring phone lines and services. There are phone lines that … Continued

Magnetically-held Fire Doors

Automatic Closing Assemblies By law, its illegal to wedge open a fire door within a building. The reason being is that if a fire breaks out, a fire door is in place to burn for 1.5 hrs so the fire doesn’t … Continued

Fire Safety Testing – Los Angeles

Reg 4 Test If you received a notice from the LAFD via The Compliance Engine, you know that you have to find a certified tester to conduct a Reg 4 Test on your fire safety equipment and systems. We are … Continued

Reg 4 Testing Los Angeles

Reg 4 Notice – Los Angeles You may receive a notice in the mail that says you are due for a Reg 4 Test. There are many different types of Reg 4 Tests that you may be requested to get … Continued

The Compliance Engine – Reg 4 Testing

The Compliance Engine The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Regulation 4 Unit unveiled a new program in 2015 that will improve fire system testing compliance drastically. In the past, many properties were overlooked and testing compliance city-wide was only around 30%. … Continued

Replacing Fire Sprinkler Heads in Los Angeles

Fire Sprinkler Heads Fire Sprinkler heads can be a mystery to the untrained eye. There are many different types, models, purposes, and orientations that sprinkler heads are meant for. Fire Sprinkler Head Types Sprinkler heads come in upright, pendant, sidewall … Continued

Annual Fire Alarm Test – Los Angeles- Reg 4

Reg 4 Test: Fire Alarm If you are a manager or property owner and you receive a notice from the fire department or your insurance company, they may request that you have your fire alarm tested and certified by a certified tester. However, only the … Continued