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Movie Set Fire Device Suppression

Living in Los Angeles, we live amongst countless sets for the Motion Picture industry taking place in Hollywood and beyond. It’s common for entertainment professionals to use props such simulated smoke, which can activate devices such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire bells, emergency warning systems, etc. We also install and activate temporary smoke detectors on all sets.

Here at Z&S Fire, we are licensed, bonded, and certified to workon movie sets in order to make sure devices are not activated, or potentially silenced, so that filming schedules and the perfect shot are not taken off-track. We understand you are under pressure and have deadlines to hit. Time is money!



Fire Technicians Available Now

Give us a call at 310-204-6403 and ask for “Kevin” in order to book us for film projects. We also do Reg 4 Testing and Title 19 Testing on Motion Picture sets throughout Los Angeles and the State of California.


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