C16 License – Fire Sprinkler Contractor

What is a C16 License and Why? If you are a property owner, business owner, insurance company or other– you may be in need of a Fire Sprinkler Contractor. That would be a C-16 License, which is recognized by the … Continued

Annual Sprinkler Test Los Angeles

Annual Sprinkler Test Whether it be a Reg 4 Test or Title 19 Test, we are fully equipped and certified to take care of your annual sprinkler tests here at Z&S Fire Equipment. You need an annual sprinkler test performed … Continued

Fire Extinguisher Service in Los Angeles

Fire Extinguisher Service Whether you have 1 fire extinguisher or one hundred, we have a team of certified fire extinguisher service technicians that are professional, timely, and trustworthy. You can either come by our office at 5850 Venice Blvd and … Continued

Fire Certification for Insurance

Fire Insurance Certification All insurance companies for your property will require your fire protection equipment and systems be up-to-date and certified per the Los Angeles Fire Department. Z&S Fire Protection does annual, semi-annual, and quarterly tests, meeting all fire insurance … Continued

What is a Reg 4 Test?

Chief’s Regulation No. 4 Reg 4 Test Per the Los Angeles Fire Department Reg 4 Website: “A prescribed method to maintain specified categories of fire protection equipment and systems in proper operating condition the way they were intended to operate when installed … Continued