Central Station Testing – Los Angeles

Monitoring Services If you own or manage a property in need of Regulation 4 Central Station Monitoring, you’ve come to the right place. We test, install and repair central station monitoring phone lines and services. There are phone lines that … Continued

Magnetically-held Fire Doors

Automatic Closing Assemblies By law, its illegal to wedge open a fire door within a building. The reason being is that if a fire breaks out, a fire door is in place to burn for 1.5 hrs so the fire doesn’t … Continued

Fire Safety Testing – Los Angeles

Reg 4 Test If you received a notice from the LAFD via The Compliance Engine, you know that you have to find a certified tester to conduct a Reg 4 Test on your fire safety equipment and systems. We are … Continued

Reg 4 Testing Los Angeles

Reg 4 Notice – Los Angeles You may receive a notice in the mail that says you are due for a Reg 4 Test. There are many different types of Reg 4 Tests that you may be requested to get … Continued

The Compliance Engine – Reg 4 Testing

The Compliance Engine The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Regulation 4 Unit unveiled a new program in 2015 that will improve fire system testing compliance drastically. In the past, many properties were overlooked and testing compliance city-wide was only around 30%. … Continued

Annual Fire Alarm Test – Los Angeles- Reg 4

Reg 4 Test: Fire Alarm If you are a manager or property owner and you receive a notice from the fire department or your insurance company, they may request that you have your fire alarm tested and certified by a certified tester. However, only the … Continued

Annual Sprinkler Test Los Angeles

Annual Sprinkler Test Whether it be a Reg 4 Test or Title 19 Test, we are fully equipped and certified to take care of your annual sprinkler tests here at Z&S Fire Equipment. You need an annual sprinkler test performed … Continued