Reg 4 Test: Emergency Lights – Annual Stored Energy System Certification

Reg 4 Test: Emergency Lights

As a property owner or manager, you may get a notice from the fire department or your insurance company requesting that you have your emergency lighting inspected by a certified tester for a Regulation 4 test.


Combination light led



Annual Stored Energy Systems Certification

Once we come out to your property, it takes around 90 minutes to complete the test. Its required that the power in the building, in common areas only, be shut down for up to 90 minutes to ensure your combination units, bug-eye emergency lights, and exit lights are intact and well lit for 90 minutes in case of an emergency.


exit light led


Annual Reg 4 Emergency Lighting Test & Repair

If you have an emergency lighting system on your property in need of an annual Reg 4 Test, an annual test for insurance purposes, or because you are a responsible owner/manager, we can handle all of your needs. We are certified by the Los Angeles Fire Department and by the State of California (C10 License) to test, install, and repair annual stored energy systems.


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